Boat, Jet Ski and Watercraft Storage

Located in Helena and Townsend Montana

Storage available for boats, jet skis, and watercraft including uncovered, and fully enclosed.

If you want to keep your boat in great condition year-round, check out our boat storage. Our indoor storage units protect your boat from the sun, rain, and snow so you can relax knowing it's safe. Plus, you can access your boat whenever you want to go for a ride!

Convenient and budget-friendly dry boat and RV storage solutions for when it's not in use.

Save on Expensive Marina Storage

Storing your boat with us while dry-docked on a trailer can be more cost-effective than keeping it at the marina.

Clear Out Your Driveway

Storing your boat or jet ski with us can help you avoid turning your driveway into an obstacle course. Keep your garage free and clear by utilizing our storage facilities.

Keep Your HOA Satisfied

Most HOAs don't allow boats in driveways or yards, but you can store yours with us instead of moving it.

Keep Your Boat Happy: Why Storage Isn't Just for Winter

Let's be real, owning a boat is awesome. But storing it? That can feel like a major drag, especially if you're squeezing it into a tight garage or letting it bake out in the driveway. That's where renting a dedicated indoor boat storage comes to the rescue, and it's not just for winterizing!

Space... the final frontier

Unless you have a massive property, chances are your boat or RV is taking up valuable real estate. Storage facilities solve this with units like their 15' x 45' spaces – plenty of room for most boats to stretch out and relax. Plus, these places keep your boat undercover, so you don't have to worry about fading paint or nasty mold attacks.

Power up and stay secure

Imagine always having your boat batteries charged and ready to roll. That's the magic of trickle charge outlets in storage units. And let's talk security – good facilities have you covered with 24/7 cameras, gates, and plenty of lighting. No more stressing about your investment out in the open!

Easy in, easy out

Nobody likes squeezing a big boat down a narrow driveway. Paved areas and extra-wide aisles at storage spots make your life way easier. It's like having your own boat highway!

Picking the perfect spot

Think about how big your boat is, how often you'll want to take it out, and if you need extra perks like maintenance help. Choosing a unit size that ticks all your boxes means your boat gets the pampering it deserves, so you can focus on the good stuff – being out on the water

24/7 Secure Access Hours

Our premium class a boat storage facilities provide 24/7 coded security gate access, ensuring convenience and peace of mind. With strict security measures in place, you can rest assured that your vehicles and personal items are safe and secure at all times. Our commitment to providing a secure and convenient self storage environment sets us apart from other self storage facilities, giving you the confidence to store your prized boat or RV with us.


Online booking

Rent your unit today with our seamless booking experience.

Wide Aisles

Our drive-up storage units allow space for large semi-trucks to turn around for easy loading and unloading.

4 Convenient locations

Secure and clean

Your belongings are safe in our well-lit facility that is fenced, gated, and monitored by security cameras.

Modern amenities

Our amenities include online bill pay, flexible leases and trickle charge outlets in our larger boat storage units.

Paved Roads

All our facilities have paved areas around the storage units. This keeps dust to a minimum.

Boat, RV, and Self Storage Locations in Helena and Townsend MT: