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Storing an RV outside in the winter

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It’s never fun to call it quits on camping season. Some of us even experience “the winterization blues,” a mild to severe case of gloominess that can linger until the rig reopens in the spring. But for many of us, whether we like it or not, camping season does end, and the time for safe RV storage is a sad reality. Our best bet is to take some precautions and do it right. Here are some quick tips for storing your RV outside in winter to ensure she is ready for that next weekend trip come spring. RV winter storage tips Prepare your RV’s plumbing system Water is your RV’s worst enemy during winter storage, so get it all out of your tanks and fill them with antifreeze. You’ll have to drain and flush your systems to remove all the water and then pour a couple of gallons of RV antifreeze down your drains. Be sure to bypass your water heater. You might need a bypass kit to do this. If you are not confident with this relatively easy process, we suggest having your RV winterized by a local dealer or mobile RV repair service. If you prefer to do it yourself, follow your dealer’s or manufacturer’s instructions since each RV has different requirements. Learn more about how to winterize your RV. Cover your RV and RV’s tires We never covered our RV tires until a maintenance guru came onto our podcast and explained the importance of this simple and inexpensive precaution. RV tires can look healthy to the eye and have excellent tread. Extensive exposure to the sun during RV winter storage can degrade the rubber and cause weather cracking. When we bought our second RV, the salesman recommended not using a cover when storing our RV during the winter. He suggested that water might pool up inside the cover and cause damage. I didn’t want to spend the extra money, so I listened to his advice and regretted that decision. The front cap of our ...

January 19th, 2024